Updates! Updates! (Long Overdue)

Hey everyone! I know this place has been kinda dormant the past couple of months but I’ve been working a summer camp that’s kept me extremely busy.  But, as the title says, updates! Myself and two close friends are in the process of getting our graphic design firm up and running.   The logo is being finalized, currently in the process of writing up the business plan and purchasing the equipment that we need to run the business out of my apartment for the time being.  The name of the company will be released closer to the final approval of the business plan (and once we get the site coded and ready to go).

As far as my personal work is going, I’ve got several ideas in the works for some more “experimental” pieces, mainly messing around with different shapes for canvases and different painting techniques.  My hometown newspaper is wanting to do a feature story on my career as an artist as well as my plans for the future, should be pretty exciting as soon as I get the time to go to the office for the interview.  I’m also trying to get a few local businesses to let me paint some murals on their walls, just have to get a few permits from the city in order to do so.

I apologize for the delay in posting on here, but I promise I will keep you all updated with the latest news from my work.  Until next time, I’m powering down.


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