Beaux Arts Ball Recap, “Records Reimagined” Show, Future Plans

I know this update is LONG overdue, but again I’ve let the real world get the best of me and haven’t had a chance to give a worthwhile update.

Beaux Arts Ball 2012 went extremely well, Stencil Killer and myself collaborated yet again for a MASSIVE 8′ x 16′ foot mural that achieved excellent fan fare at the event. There were several live performances by local and nationally known DJ’s, street performers, and TONS of body paint. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students of the University of Kentucky Art Department for planning and executing another successful Beaux Arts Ball this past year and looking forward to next year!

Beaux Arts Ball Mural

Beaux Arts Ball Mural collaboration with Stencil Killer

Up next on my agenda is the “Records Reimagined” art show being put on by CD Central in Lexington, KY.  Artists participating in this show were asked to create their own adaptation of famous vinyl album covers.   The opening reception will be June 8th at 7pm and the show will be running for a full month afterwards during regular business hours.   This event will be running its course during Lexington’s gallery hop.  And wouldn’t you know, a few of my friends will be in this show as well.  Be sure to stop by the store during this next month to see some fine art from some of Kentucky’s best artists!


Also prepping for this year’s upcoming PRHBTN show, again, updates will come as things start getting set into motion.

Until we meet again,

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